Blessed Earth's new voucher code for getting 15% off from their website, great things for kids and linen:

voucher code: blessing
Deal: 15% off the entire website online
Link: Australia's finest range of organic cotton & wool bedding, clothing and sustainable living products.

Certified Organic Cotton Bed-linen 60-75% off

Blessed Earth's exclusive ranges of certified organic cotton Sheet sets and Quilt cover sets are at least 60% off and now 75% off on some lines.

The highly popular Millefleures sheet and quilt cover range, Dot print sheet sets and Stripe quilt cover sets, Bio-leaf sheet sets and quilt cover sets and percale sheet sets in 3 colours are now an incredible 75% off - UNTIL SOLD.
Organic Wool Toppers, Quilts and Pillows

Australia's finest wool bedding is now on sale at 20% off for quilts, pillows and toppers. All have Demeter certified wool on the inside and organic cotton on the outside.
Kids' Clothing now $5

Our Demeter and Fairtrade certified summer clothing for Baby & Children is for sale at $5 until sold. Every style is good, it's just that new winter stock is now arriving.
Kids' Underwear.

We've made a fantastic buy on girls' briefs (5 for $12), boys' briefs (5 for $12), unisex singlets 3 for $12. These are bargain shop prices for top quality certified organic and Fairtrade mercandise, while stocks last
Kids' Pyjamas

These are now on sale for a limited period for just $15. Excellent quality, a great selection, all fully certified organic; most are also Fairtrade certified.
Linen Clothing

Last year we pioneered certified organic linen with mixed results. Some of the fabric was too open weave and prone to pulling away at the seams. Other batches were wonderful. The men's pants were the most affected so we are virtually giving them away at $9. We're going to make it again with a tighter weave because we believe in it strongly, in the meantime there is stock to be cleared at any price, way below cost... We hope you can get a use out of it.


If you are a first-time customer ordering over $50, we'd like to offer you a free pair of our wonderful organic cotton socks for Baby; Children; Women or Men. They are valued at $7 - $12. Please mention the style and size you would like in the comments section at the checkout.

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