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Thread: 10% Discount on Smart NOD32 Antivirus for Windows

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    10% Discount on Smart NOD32 Antivirus for Windows

    Take advantage of an awesome 10% discount if you purchase at
    Just enter the coupon code: ThanksSaverScene

    Voucher code: ThanksSaverScene
    Deal: 10% Discount on ESET Smart NOD32 Antivirus for Windows
    Link: Antivirus online - ESET Products Store

    Enjoy worry-free social networking, web surfing, downloading and gaming with ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus for Windows. You’ll never have to worry about any malicious software taking control of your computer.

    The latest generation of the legendary ESET NOD32 Antivirus takes your security to a whole new level. Built with a tiny system footprint and fast scanning, it packs security features and customisation options for consistent and personalized online or off.

    Quick Reviews

    “The default configuration is suitable for the average and even for novice users. The impact on system resources is minimum, even on lower-specced systems. It showed strong protection against phishing and comes with strengthened security against more elaborate forms of malware.”…Ionut Ilascu (
    “Amazing simple design and for native users, no configuration is needed. Uses minimum resources, light footprints, very good detection rate, fast scanning, system notifications at a very low price”… Sanjay Tiwari (ESET user).
    “The moment I started using the Eset products, I never changed to nothing else. I even suggested it to family and friends. Exactly as I want it, quiet, simple and extremely low on systems and resources on my pc”…Alexios (ESET user)
    10% Discount on Smart NOD32 Antivirus for Windows-esetnod32-antivirus-windows.jpg

    Key Features

    • Identity theft protection
    • Cloud-powered scanning
    • Removable media control
    • Top speed performance

    Top Awards

    “Best Usability” (AV-Test)

    “Most Advanced+ awards in proactive tests of all antivirus vendors” (AV Comparatives)

    Highest number of Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards (Virus Bulletin)
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    Wow, nice, that is one seriously cheap piece of anti virus software! I'm only running Defender on my new computer so I may give this a try.

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    Thanks. If you want to save even more money you could use our "cross grade discount". Basically we will give you a 30% discount if you are using another vendor's antivirus. So if you had Microsoft essentials installed (and can send us a screen grab) we can offer you a 30% discount. If you are already an Eset user then we can offer you the 10%. We think that our antivirus is worth the money, so we try to make it as cheap as we can for you to try it out.

    if you send an email to sales @ saying that you want the cross grade discount and include a screen grab showing the console of the Antivirus then we will setup a code specifically for you.
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    That's a really great offer!

    After loosing about 20,000 photos due to a virus (most were able to get back in the end but took a lot of work, ended up with about 5 shoots lost of about 1,300 in total) as a professional photographer I feel antivirus software is a must, I thought I was safe, this was back in 2000. I brought a file from work on an Apple, that wouldn't open there onto a PC and that's when it hit. Man I was devastated. That night St Leonards Tavern ran out of bundy rum!

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    Ahhh, the worst thing ever.

    Sorry Gav and everyone else, the head office just came back to me and said that it's only for businesses with 50+ endpoints. I feel a little silly now.

    But let us know and we will sort out a super special price.

    Honestly I think that this product would be a bargain at a higher price, but I feel really bad for that so will give a bit more discount than the regular 10% for your guys (and gals).


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