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“Finally, an innovative security solution that truly fits a Mac.”

Uniquely designed for Mac, ESET Cybersecurity is easy to install and comes with intuitive dashboard displays and obvious actions to address cross-platform and never-before-seen threats including viruses and spyware. ESET protects you around the clock without getting in the way. Engineered to use low memory and minimal alerts, it ensures your Mac performs at its peak while working or playing online.

Quick Reviews

“Updates are quick and automatic. ESET has a small system footprint that treads lightly on system resources, battery power and memory.”… (
“ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is great for beating back viral infections that may already be on your system, and it is a great way to maintain a system that is not directly connected to the internet. It lacks a firewall and web filters. If you stay vigilant while you browse the net, this Mac antivirus software will safeguard your personal information”…
Key Features

• Effective detection
• Proactive protection
• Online protection with low memory usage, minimal alerts and no slow downs
• Cross-platform protection
• Advance scanning settings
• Thorough protection

Sleek security for a sleek product – Security updates are discreetly sent to your computer and even disk-intensive operations, such as full disc scans run quietly in the background.

Protecting other OS on the same hardware – Extend protection to multiple OS running on a single machine, it counts as one license. Mix and match protection for Windows and Mac OS within the scope of the license.

Proven Solution

ESET is the first antivirus company to have achieved ICSA certification for the Mac OS X platform. The certification was achieved by the business version of the product using the same scanning engine as ESET Cybersecurity.

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