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Kids Kitchen Play Set

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Crank up the plank and keep your money in the bank with these evergreen entertainers.

Made with real wood this crazily awesome kitchenette sports all the tools and apparatus to become as accomplished a chef as Jamie, Nigella or Blumenthal. There’s a couple of hobs with clicky knobs, a handy oven, pots, utensils; everything but the kitchen sink… oh hang on… there is a sink!!! Your Michelin star offspring will be prepping, baking, broiling and cleaning up like a domestic demi-God.

It’s Masterchef meets Play School for sure!! What’s more, he or she will be the most popular guy or gal in town with an endless stream of hungry friends, family and well-wishers queuing up for a dose of their yummy “creations”.

The set is made from laudable lumber, an absolute classic which has proven longevity and resilience. Modern kid’s toys go out of fashion too quickly, they’re often not built to last and don’t quite capture a child’s imagination like timeless timber-based toys. This brilliant bench will not only grab your child’s attention with its bright, bold colours, but it’ll encourage imaginative play, develop hand-eye coordination, colour recognition and spatial awareness. It will teach them building, balance, creativity. Not only that, but these types of toys are durable, safe and sturdy. They’re often handed down from brother to sister, to cousin to nephew to next generation.

Wangle yourself a wooden wonder at a barking mad price.


  • Jawdroppingly epic kid’s wooden kitchenette
  • Bright, bold, beautiful timeless kid’s toy
  • Sturdy, resilient, durable. An enduring classic.
  • Encourage imaginative play, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes complete with a whole host of awesome utensils, and much, much more!

  • Suitable for cooks aged 2-5
  • Dimensions (cm): 67H x 40D x 47W
  • Adult/sous chef supervision recommended

  • Note:
  • Limit of two per order.
  • WHILE STOCKS LAST, OFFERS END 12PM, Tuesday, December 16, 2014