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    Toys on sale at

    Nice little toy sale from Bunyip Toys, grab some toys on sale before the Pre-Christmas sales dry up


    This week grab your favorite Playmobil toys, now with Extra Stuff!

    We had some wonderful feedback from our last newsletter and appreciate your comments. A few people asked if we had some recommendations on what to add to some of our flagship Playmobil sets, so we thought we'd put together a couple of bonuses to get you started. These are sure to sell out fast so don't wait. The bonus sets are only available for orders placed before the end of November 2014.

    Don't forget to check out our toy buying tips
    . Everyone at Bunyip Toys has kids under 10 and we know how frustrating it is buying toys that break after 5 minutes of play. If you find it useful please share it with your friends.

    As always we'd love to have your feedback.

    The Princess Palace
    is a great set on its own but you can expand on it with a range of room sets and accessories. This is one toy that won't be forgotten about before Boxing Day arrives. Our Princess Palace is for sale now for $249.95. Grab one of our Places quickly to get this fantastic Princess Bedroom set as your free bonus normally valued at $22.95.

    The U.S. Western FORT
    is a must have for anyone interested in Cowboys and Indians. Grab it now for $179.95 and we'll sent you a bonus Sheriff valued at $16.95. How else will you git them varmits without your trusty Sherrif? Check out more Western themed Playmobil here

    The Bunyips visit Birdsnest
    A couple of weeks ago our marketing manger Tim and I took a road trip to visit the incredible and wonderful ladies at
    . To say that we were impressed would be an understatement. Jane has built a remarkable business and we learned a lot from to talking Jane and her extrodinary team. Thanks Jane.

    Find out more about the Bunyip's visit and follow us on our Facebook page here

    Arghh me hearties..The flagship of the Playmobil Pirate theme
    , It won't fit in a stocking but will provide hours or pirating fun for the kids for only $139.95.

    No steak knives here.. Just extra Pirates and a scary Hammerhead shark valued at $26.95 for those pirates forced to walk the plank.. Arrr Free Booty. That be excellent value!!

    Do you need stocking stuffer ideas to fill out the kids christmas stockings and keep them occupied whilst you try and sleep in on Christmas day.. Ha ha..Yeah we know that doesnt happen.

    We've put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for under $10. Check them out here

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