not sure how it's going to start in class discussions and doesn't every student have a tablet and laptop these days and a phone that can do almost as much???

The University of Sydney has successfully piloted the deployment of 100 Windows 8-based Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 devices to encourage more in-class discussions.
Sydney Uni deploys tablets to improve in-class discussions | ZDNet

However, the decision to collaborate with Lenovo and Microsoft on the project was not an automatic one. Instead, Gilbert said the university canvassed samples and trials from eight market-leading vendors in the tablet computing space, which were tested by IT staff, students, and academics.

"We took a weighted evaluation approach, considering a range of technology and user interface aspects in the decision. In the end, we felt uncomfortable with solutions from Android and Apple broadly, because we felt they didn't plug in well with our existing lab technology environment or address the specific needs that our teachers and students identified," he said.
I'm glad they've seen some sense, a friend's older brother said that he was at a P and C* meeting for his kids school and one parent was telling the school that they had to have Apple computers as they were the best, even though it would reduce the amount the school could afford and all the students wouldn't get to use a computer. Using cheaper tablets like this makes a lot more sense and how much computing will be done in the near future.

*PNC - that name always makes me laugh from the joke at school "what do you call a see through toilet? P N C" -