I hope this great invention by an Aussie will work on walls too. I had to move due to noisy neighbours, I don't mind parties (actually love them!) but these guys stayed up till between 3am and 5am watching after midnight TV including all those shows that had competitions, think Hotdog from Big Brother and the junk he had on... Anyway they played the TV at around 120dB every night of the week, our cupboard doors would open, glassware had to be moved to the other side of the house it was so annoying!

A new device that sticks onto your window, Sono, will not only cancel real-world noise, but isolate the noises you’d prefer to hear, if any. Sono works by vibrating a window in a pattern counter to the vibrations caused by the ambient noise, essentially turning the surface into a noise-canceling speaker. Read more: Sono, a noise cancelation and isolation device that sticks on your window | ExtremeTech

basically works like a noise cancelling headphone system, brilliant:
"sono" - Noise cancelling on your window

In our loud and busy world a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience. "sono" lets you reclaim that silence for your home. It turns your window into an advanced noise cancelling system that allows you to eliminate and/оr control the sounds that pass through.

Now can we do it for walls?

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