ALDI specials on movie munchies if you've not seen the home entertainment post I just added to the site head over here: ALDI home entertainment specials TVs, surround sound, discount family movies, comedy, Kids DVDs it has discounts on films, and I gather these movie munchies are to go with them, that Maltesers Party Bucket has my name on it! See the ALDI specials here:

  • Saturday 13 July 2013

Choceur Chocolate Coated Raisins & Cranberries 160g

ea $2.99 $1.87 per 100g

Choceur Chocolate Coated Fruit & Roast Nuts Assortment 160g

ea $2.99 $1.87 per 100g

Choceur Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Wafers 180g

ea $1.99 $1.11 per 100g

Nabisco Strawberry Oreo 150g

ea 99c 66c per 100g

Caramel or Honey Popcorn 200g

ea $2.49 $1.25 per 100g

Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts 500g

ea $5.99 $11.98 per kg

Cadbury Flake Bites 150g

ea $2.99 $1.99 per 100g

Maltesers Party Bucket 520g

ea $9.49 $1.83 per 100g

Berri Deluxe Juice 1.8L

ea $2.69 $1.49 per litre

Soft Drink Mini Cans 8 x 200ml

ea $5.99 $3.74 per litre

Popcorn Multipack 300g

ea $2.99 $1.00 per 100g

Baketime Mini Cookie Packs 75g

ea $1.29 $1.72 per 100g

KRUNCH! Hawaiian Crunch 135g

ea $1.99 $1.47 per 100g

Belmont Biscuit Co. Choco Sticks 18pk/135g

18pk $1.99 $1.47 per 100g

Nabisco Mini Bite Size Oreos 115g

ea $2.19 $1.90 per 100g

Spritz Carbonated Soft Drink 4 x 250ml

ea $4.99 $4.99 per litre