I have to say Soft close toilet seats have ruined every other toilet seat for me! If I'm in a pub or someone elses house and I let the toilet seat drop it often slams making a lot noise, for just $19.99 and a trip to ALDI you can stop me from doing this! It will make my life easier

Here's the deals from ALDI starting from 12th of June 2013, I'm currently in Scotland and man I miss Nutri-Grain, it's not something I had often, usually if staying at a hotel and they offered it in those small boxes that you need 3 of to fill a bowl, but when you can't get it at all it starts to be something you crave!

Also buying a bathroom heat lamp was near impossible in the UK, I found one place that sold IXL tastics, put in an order and got told they'd gone into administration the week before, I got my money back thankfully! I found one eventually and it cost a lot more than $49.99!

This weeks updates include a lot of pasta offers and really make me want to get this: http://www.saverscene.com.au/cooking-cooking-utensils/8826-emile-henry-muscade-lasagne-set-server-save-$85.html and have a lasagne!

Check out the deals on ALDI's website here: ALDI - special buys from wed 12 jun - hurry, limited stocks in store*

  • special buys from wed 12 jun - hurry, limited stocks in store*

Oh I've not seen liquid breakfast before, sounds intriguing!