For those wanting to get groceries delivered in the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Upper North Shore of Sydney Marx Grocer (check the map Delivery Area ) have their specials page and free delivery on all orders over $50:



Marx Grocer is an Australian owned and operated boutique food business that has been designed to provide a delivery service for all products stocked in-store at our partner Spar supermarket.
Founder, Mark Richerdson, has custom-designed this service to benefit a select client base – namely, Eastern suburb shoppers, like you, providing a choice of either in-store or home delivery. Delivery orders and transactions are based online at our purpose-built, e-commerce website, hence providing our customers with easy access to all products stocked in-store, including all major and popular brands. Customers will also receive updates regarding daily and weekly specials via our website.

In the good old days, ‘customer service’ meant someone pumping fuel into your petrol tank for you and personally walking your groceries to your car.Nowadays, customer service is limited by boundaries, forcing traditional displays of customer service to be discontinued. This is the concept that has inspired the development of Marx Grocer. Our fundamental goal is therefore to extend the limits of customer service as we know it, and bring to life the traditional and often over-looked simplicity of customer service.Marx Grocer exists to support YOU – our customers. Operating in conjunction with Spar as our chosen supermarket chain, we bring you the very best in produce at competitive prices. Through our innovative customer service strategies, we are certain that Marx Grocer will become your permanent local delivery service.Marx Grocer only delivers to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, any areas outside Sydney require a payment via online banking and the order is sent via postmail, note that under these conditions the customer is kindly required to cover all freight charges and the order takes about 2 or 3 working days to be delivered.To view the areas Marx Grocer deliver to please click here Marx Grocer delivers between 8am – 8:00pm 7 days a week 365 days a year.Credit for any returned items will be applied to your next order or resupply of product. If you have any questions or issues not covered above, please feel free to call our friendly team on 1300 783 565 or email us at: