These offers may be available at other stores as well, looks like the save up to 16c on fuel is at least NSW and Victoria, hopefully nationwide.

Gav activate your FUEL offer & check-out this week's in-store specials! - the Fuel offer is listed in here: Coles Flybuys save up to 16c per litre on FUEL - until Monday

Gav, your top in-store specials from Coles Jewelstown

AS $8.35
SAVE $2.35
Birds Eye Fish Fillets Oven Bake Crumbed Lemon Pepper Frozen 425g
$14.12 per 1kg
WAS $5.05
SAVE $2.05
Windex Shower Cleaner Trigger Pack 750mL
$0.40 per 100mL
WAS $5.59
SAVE $1.59
Lawsons Traditional Bread Wholemeal Stone Milled 800g
$0.50 per 100g

Shop at Coles, Save on FUEL. It's that simple!
$70 = 12
$80 = 14
$90 = 16

in one shop
at Coles
per litre on fuel
Offer valid Thu 24 October to Mon 28 October 2013
Missed this week's offer from Coles?

WAS $5.70
SAVE $1.70
Yoplait Yoghurt Raspberry 1kg
$0.40 per 100g
WAS $1.44
SAVE $0.44
Devondale Milk Long Life Full Cream 1L
$1.00 per 1L
WAS $2.69
SAVE $0.58
Ansell Pink Silverlined Gloves Size 9 1pk
$1.06 per 1ea

WAS $4.25
SAVE $1.25
Tip Top Bread The One Sandwich 700g
$0.43 per 100g
WAS $6.99
SAVE $1.99
Dr Oetker Pizza Ristorante Spinaci (Spinach) Frozen 390g
$1.28 per 100g
WAS $3.79
SAVE $0.79
SPC Spaghetti with Cheese 4pk
$0.34 per 100g

Your Store Manager David and the team at Coles Jewelstown

WAS $9.22
SAVE $1.85
Capilano Honey Active 5+ Manuka Jar 500g
$1.47 per 100g
WAS $6.99
SAVE $1.40
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Lemon 250mL
$2.24 per 100mL
WAS $3.79
SAVE $0.79
McCain Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Frozen 450g
$6.67 per 1kg

Australian Asparagus Bunch
Australian Lebanese Cucumbers
Australian Sundowner Apples

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Terms and Conditions:
All promotional offers available Friday 25 October until Monday 28 October. Length of promotion for individual products may be up to 4 weeks and therefore promotional prices may have commenced before, or may extend after, the advertised dates. Promotional offers may only be available in-store at your local Coles supermarket as indicated above. We reserve the right to limit sale quantities. While stocks last. Savings, single sell prices and unit prices shown are off regular selling prices in your State. Some advertised products may already be priced below the selling price in your State, therefore savings and unit prices may vary. Multi Save price only available when purchased in the multiples specified. Offers not available at Coles online and Coles Express.

Coles Fuel offer
Offer valid in Coles Supermarkets and Bi-Lo (excludes Coles Express and Coles online). Offer valid from Thursday 24 October to Monday 28 October 2013. To qualify for this offer you must activate this offer, spend the qualifying amount in one transaction after all discounts and exclusions, and present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. Your offer will be loaded to your flybuys card within 15 minutes after you have activated the offer. Purchases of gift cards, tobacco and tobacco related products do not contribute to qualifying spend. The stated cents per litre savings at Coles Express for these special offers includes the in-store fuel discount available at the time for purchases over $30 at Coles. Limit of one fuel discount receipt per fuel purchase up to 150 litres per vehicle per customer. Not valid for Fleet Card, Shell card, Motorpass or Motorcharge purchases or with other fuel offers or discounts. For Coles Express store locations, see web. Fuel discount voucher valid for 4 weeks from date of issue. You have been specially selected for this offer and it is not transferable. This offer has been sent to you by flybuys and flybuys' policy on privacy applies. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply.