Not one I normally add, just noticed it when I was looking at the Saturday offers the new Wednesday 31 July 2013 discounts from ALDI on Asian accents for a stylish home and flaovours from the east special discounts on Asian cooking ingredients. YUM!!!

Special buys - on sale Wednesday 31 July 2013, while stocks last*

Jacquard Quilt Cover Set - Queen Size - Endless Knot

set $39.99

Jacquard Quilt Cover Set - Queen Size - Double Happiness

set $39.99

Jacquard Quilt Cover Set - Queen Size - Longevity

set $39.99

Jacquard Quilt Cover Set - Queen Size - XI

set $39.99

Jacquard Quilt Cover Set - Queen Size - Prosperity

set $39.99

Quilted Coverlet Set - Queen/King Size

set $69.99

500 Thread Count Fitted Sheet Set - Queen Size

set $59.99

Asian Inspired Lamps

ea $59.99

Nesting Tables Set of 2

set $29.99

Trinket Box

ea $14.99

Cushion Assortment

ea $9.99

5 Cup Rice Cooker

ea $9.99

Hard Anodised Wok 32cm

ea $39.99

Electric Wok

ea $34.99

Teppanyaki Grill

ea $24.99

Tea Towel 3pk

3pk $6.99

Magnetic Knife Board Set 4pc

set $14.99

Lucky Bamboo 100mm

ea $7.99

Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea 113g

ea $1.99 $1.76 per 100g

Arizona Ice Tea 500ml

ea $1.89 $3.78 per 100ml

Bamboo Placemat 4pk

4pk $14.99

Bamboo Steamer Set

set $9.99

Santoku Knives 2pk

2pk $7.99

Asian Condiments 365g

ea $1.99 55c per 100g

Asian Stir Fry Sauce and Curry Sauce 275g

ea $1.99 72c per 100g

Asian Spice Rubs 150g - 180g

ea $3.69 21c - 25c per 10g

Asia at Home Meal Kit 180g - 382g

ea $3.99 $1.04 - $2.22 per 100g

Maggi Recipe Bases 35g - 63g

ea $1.29 20c - 37c per 10g

Stir Fry Sauce 120g

ea 99c 83c per 100g

Noodle Box Pad Thai or Sesame Teriyaki 330g

ea $1.99 60c per 100g

Asian Mushrooms 250g

ea 99c $3.96 per kg

Rice Bran Oil Spray 225g

ea $3.49 $1.55 per 100g

Asian Flavoured Microwave Soups 420g

ea $1.99 47c per 100g

Asian Flavoured Salmon 95g

ea $1.29 $13.58 per kg

Lychees 567g

ea $1.49 $2.63 per kg

Condensed Asian Soup 3 x 70g

3pk $1.99 95c per 100g

Asian Flavoured Tuna 95g

ea 79c $8.32 per kg

Mango Slices 425g

ea 99c $2.33 per kg

Crab Meat or Prawns 170g/200g

ea $1.99 $9.95 - $11.71 per kg