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  1. Dick Smith pre-order Samsung GALAXY Tab S - Youtube official introduction video.
  2. Working LEGO Computer Keyboard - Youtube video
  3. Microsoft Cortana - Wonder how many people will set their nickname to Master Chief?
  4. Sydney Uni deploys Windows 8-based Lenovo ThinkPad tablets to improve in-class discussions.
  5. Xbox One price cut to match out- Performing PlayStation 4 - plus Titanfall package - UK.
  6. The new Nokia X family - Your Fastlane to Android™ apps
  7. Unsubsidised renewables now cheaper than subsidised fossil fuels- Australia.
  8. Elon Musk 'Hyperloop' Unveiled: Designs Show Billionaire Inventor's Futuristic Mega Train News
  9. RC Death Ray Arachnid Bot!! - Homemade-Death-Ray-Laser-DRONE-BOT!
  10. Valkyrie: NASA's Superhero Robot
  11. Deutsche Post DHL tests delivery drone
  12. The killer to online business in Australia? Turnbull breaks NBN promise now half the speed!
  13. Yota Phone with Dual screen e-paper / e-ink and LCD screen, great for power saving!!!!
  14. Amazon Prime Air - Delivery by Drone
  15. Nokia Lumia 1520 first hands-on video from Nokia.
  16. "sono" - Noise cancelling on your window - hope they have something for walls.
  17. Better batteries through biology, Lithium air batteries and programmed viruses. Amazing!