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  1. 8Ball emoji on Facebook posts
  2. Have a wonderful 2017 everyone! HAPPY NYE!
  3. Raffles Hotel Bans Cyclist in Lycra, suck shit you fat morons!
  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  5. Carpal Tunnel has once again forced me to close the site to postings again.
  6. Hello all, new here
  7. Ministry of Silly Walks App - for Android, iPhone or Windows
  8. Danny Macaskill: The Ridge, awsome riding video, dreadful music.
  9. WWF campaign about dumping on the Great Barrier Reef's World Heritage waters.
  10. Highasakite - Darth Vader - Secret Sessions
  11. Site now open to posts again. We're on a new server! #money #saving #Australia
  12. Qantas and Virgin Australia fake holiday scams now on facebook and phone calls.
  13. David Jones: New Spring, Summer 2014/15 short film featuring Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox
  14. Weird Al Parody of Parrell Williams' crap song Happy.
  15. Free Tap king voucher anyone have any luck?
  16. Source for bright mosaic tiles?
  17. Does anyone else hate hearing that something you just purchased is actually cheaper elsewhere??
  18. Y&R - Peugeot 208 - Wacky Races - #WackyRaces #Peugeot #commercials #comedy #funny
  19. Gifs with sound compilation 2014
  20. Online Courses for Working Professionals
  21. Matt Hunter Going Around a Corner on his Bicycle - Nobody puts Matt in a corner!
  22. Happy Mothers' Day to all the mums out there, hope you have a great one!
  23. HAPPY DOGS and a CAT in Australia - Pharrell Williams Happy
  24. Prancercise: A Fitness Workout with Thor! Plus other Prancercise videos, is it for Bronies?
  25. Liquid Alchemy — The Art of Baileys Chocolat Luxe - very good ad!
  26. Monty Python - The Ministry of Silly Walks Wrist Watch youtube.
  27. Have a good ANZAC Day!
  28. David O'Doherty – Will Try To Fix Everything, Enmore Theatre, Sydney. My Beefs!
  29. Star Wars - Darth Vader - Storm Troopers at the Dumbo Ride - Disney #Comedy #AnimatedGIF
  30. Game of Thrones - The Musical (Season 4) - #GameofThrones #Musicals
  31. Have a wonderful Easter everyone!
  32. When is Mother's Day in Australia?
  33. Pharrell - Happy Parody - "Yappy" (Life in the Dog House) Thanks to @BarkingMadGC for this one!
  34. Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones - Very funny to #GameOfThrones fans!! Get on with it!!
  35. End of daylight savings for some states and territories.
  36. BMW NZ - BMW ZZZ Series -- The Ultimate Sleeping Machine
  37. Pharrell - Happy (Puppy & Doggy Version)
  38. Snickers ad: Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements
  39. Weirdest ad I ever did see.
  40. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Staring Megan Fox - Trailer. Will Krang be in this one?
  41. SPOTTED: Two water buffalo running down King Street, Newtown @a_felman @2DayFM
  42. Happy St Patrick's Day! #StPatricksDay
  43. Gordo Bucket Drumming - Pitt Street Mall Sydney
  44. Petition Keep Tasmania's Old Growth & High Conservation Value Forests on the UNESCO Heritage!
  45. Sick of Yahoo.com playing ads with sound when trying to read Kochie's Business Builders!
  46. My Dog let my Robot vacuum cleaner escape.
  47. Shop Ethical, Your Ethical Consumer Guide, a cool site for people that care.
  48. girl who like shopping
  49. Joke: Sorry sir, I am using your wife...
  50. BBC: Australia: Snake eats crocodile after battle
  51. Windows Phone with sliding keyboard, slide the wrong way :(
  52. Dumb Movie Ways to Die - Dumb Ways to Die Parody
  53. Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]
  54. Need a Little Help
  55. Greenpeace - Take a selfie for Australia - Help with Clean Up Australia Day.
  56. Toys R Us - selling subscribers email addresses
  57. New Here
  58. Back to the Future‘s Self-Tying ‘Power Laces’ Are Coming in 2015, Marty McFly - Hover Boards?
  59. My Modern MET: Incredible 3D GIFs Created with a Simple Visual Effect
  60. Friday 14th, Valentine’s Day - Pet Speed Dating - Meet the Dog of your Dreams in Sydney.
  61. Anyone had a win on something like this? 'Mattress Mack' to pay $7m in Super Bowl bet pledge
  62. Blow off school every now and then - Set Yourself Free Youtube ad.
  63. Australian Open - Dog loves watching tennis - funny youtube video!
  64. David Jones Autumn / Winter 2014 range, #DJSFASHION #DJSAW14
  65. Triple J Hottest 100 2014 complete list.
  66. Valentine's day can chat
  67. Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk - 4K
  68. Rasta Dog / Dog headbanging to Buffalo Soldier (FUNNY VINE!)
  69. How to clean a house Wodka Vodka Commercial--Very Funny!!
  70. House made to Star Trek Enterprise Bridge and ship, wonder if the place is for sale?
  71. Not a lot of sales on this January.
  72. Former PM refreshes himself - Cricket Australia, Bob Hawke and Richie Benaud clones
  73. Cash4Gold Comedy
  74. Sydney Australia 2014 Fireworks | New Year in Australia | HD
  75. Have a happy and safe new year everyone!
  76. Merry Christmas from Saver Scene!
  77. Guy finds his house plumbed with beer - [full length version] 2013 [PRANK]
  78. Edinburgh: Van Driver Learns Lesson: Don't Ignore the Signs!
  79. Life size Doctor Who Flying Tardis!
  80. New fonts in the Wordpress Adim UI
  81. John Hunter Children's Hospital Christmas party: photos - Star Wars, Darth Vader, Boba Fett...
  82. Black swans surfing on the Gold Coast QLD Australia
  83. Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg And Danny MacAskill Video
  84. Post your favourite Christmas Song - Lets get in the Christmas Festive mood!
  85. Sherlock: Series 3 Launch Trailer - BBC One #SherlockLives.
  86. Ron Burgundy Lego Minifigure
  87. Wanna see something scary? Saturday - Rebecca Black & Dave Days - Official Music Video
  88. Trick Shot Titus 3 -- ft. Channing Tatum & Bradley Cooper
  89. Sydney Analog television Shut Down - All five channels, ABC, SBS, 7, 9 and 10.
  90. Australia's Most Popular YouTube Ads, Real Beauty Dove, Evian, Samsung, Air NZ, Google, Qantas.
  91. Just in from a big night out and came home to Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball Chatroulette Version
  92. A super cool video!
  93. BANDIT the puppy pitbull at Peace Love and Pitbulls - The Eye of the Tiger.
  94. Popular Baby Monitors Recalled After 2 Deaths, 600 000 units.
  95. Black Friday Deals - American websites that sell to Australia?
  96. Dr Who Google Doode for 50th Anniversary #savetheday #DrWho #GoogleDoodle
  97. Australian Magpie Playing with Dog and Pegs, Sqwark and Whiskey playing
  98. ClickMania Starts Wednesday November 20 at 7pm, lots of retailers on board.
  99. Newcastle Hangover Service - newcastlehangoverservice.com.au - Hangover Brothers
  100. Sir David Attenborough: Help us save the mountain gorilla - Holiday card from Rove McManus
  101. The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode - Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Prequel #SaveTheDay
  102. Signing in to Windows 8.1 without a password, surprisingly easy.
  103. Windows 8.1 BIOS access Motherboards
  104. This Is How They Do Fireworks In Glasgow
  105. Whale drags Kiwi on rescue bid. News from the Eastern Isles. NZ Herald
  106. Star Wars Episode VII: thousands flock to Bristol auditions
  107. Amazing light show Customs house Sydney Vivid 2011 - 720p
  108. Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2013 Installation Timelapse
  109. Newcastle - Beyonce Is Looking For A Couple Of Aussies To Star In Her Next Video Clip!
  110. Saver Scene Australia now on Google Plus
  111. Hands-On With The New Anki Drive from Tech Crunch.
  112. Sir David Attenborough celebrates Fauna & Flora International's 110th Anniversary.
  113. Which professions have the most psychopaths? The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies...
  114. Microsoft Surface Pro 2, would you buy one?
  115. Australian woman loses sex injury court case
  116. Arnott's Shapes Sizzling Summer -- Turntable - The Ad done with Shapes
  117. From The Economist on compound interest savings and intergalactic travel
  118. The Great Giraffe Challenge - Facebook Riddle - the Answer
  119. Youtube pop up ads? Keep getting pop ups in firefox.
  120. Font Fail: Unfortunate font choice X Factor Grand Final looks more like The Grand Anal #Xfactor
  121. It's Just Like Riding a Bike
  122. AfterShokz Open Ear Headphones - the Safe, Comfortable Way to Stay Connected!
  123. 99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier
  124. NSW Fire warning map from the ABC - #NSWRFS #nswfires #nswbushfires
  125. Toys R Us Australia email spam.
  126. Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander - hope to see them later this year.
  127. Bill Shorten wins Labor leadership
  128. Bank of England almost 30 years behind Reserve Bank of Australia with plastic notes.
  129. Dodge Durango | Ron Burgundy | "Staring Contest"
  130. How do you tame a horse in Minecraft? - South Park looks at Murder TV shows and Minecraft
  131. Wookiee to English translator? Star Wars Chewbacca.
  132. Adobe hacked - in source code and customer data security breach.
  133. Introducing WildCat
  134. Yahtzel - High With Me - worst of the 90s style techno?
  135. Cotton On Rubi Shoes Behind The Scenes Summer 2013 - Craving the Sun video.
  136. Is it possible????
  137. Sorry not been around a lot.
  138. Hello Everyone..
  139. The Final Episode of The IT Crowd - #ITCrowd #DenOfGeek
  140. ENDER'S GAME -- Trailer #DiscoverTheTruth, #BeAHero
  141. Lana Del Ray "Summertime Sadness" Breaking Bad Parady Song
  142. How Many People are in Space Right now? - howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com
  143. Happy 15th Birthday Google! Celebrate by hitting the piñata!
  144. How was I not in Sydney for this Money Tree? What if money grows on trees by RaboDirectAU
  145. Happy Birthday Gav!
  146. Fake Apple Ad Says iOS 7 Will Make Your iPhone Waterproof And People Fell For It - Yahoo7
  147. Meme Comedy Thread
  148. Jane Austen Parade, Bath, UK, 2013 - youtube
  149. This made me laugh Tony Abbott Kissing People - tonyabbottkissingpeople.tumblr.com
  150. GTA 5: So Realistic It's Boring
  151. Harry Plinkett Movie Reviews
  152. Benedict Cumberbatch - worst Aussie accent ever for The Fifth Estate!
  153. Dutch Cyclist Breaks World Speed Record
  154. Guy from Glasgow says Edinburgh chip shop is racist cause it charges for tomato sauce.
  155. Apple fans already queuing outside Regent Street for iPhone 5S launch
  156. Great Ad from New Zealand :: Blazed - Drug Driving in Aotearoa, bet Gruen Planet will show it!
  157. And over in the UK it's National Cupcake Week!
  158. I Am Lightyear - It Beats - youtube video a great song!
  159. Weekend - Doing anything exciting? - On going thread
  160. New iPhone 5S and 5C launch in the US today with iPhone 6 rumours already around!?
  161. Hentai Kamen Public Service Announcement - JapanSocietyNYC
  162. SUPER CITY II - Ofa's Survival of the Fittest Theorum - Does Tony Abbott think like this?
  163. ROBOCOP - Official Trailer (2014) [HQ] - Youtube
  164. We Are. David Jones - new interactive fashion video
  165. Australia Elections 2013 - Google Doodle - Don't forget to vote!
  166. Animals Staring - animated gifs
  167. Australian Sex Party Campaign Ad 2013 - Youtube
  168. Website back online.
  169. Need advice
  170. "Man of Steel 2" Teaser Trailer with Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston (fan made)
  171. Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad Mash-Up
  172. The Fourth Doctor Calls Tom Baker - Jon Culshaw - Prank phone call on Youtube
  173. ORICA GreenEDGE Cycling - OGEROCKS ACϞDC Tribute - Youtube - #OGEROCKS
  174. Julian Assange dons mullet to sing You're the Voice - Youtube video
  175. Miley Cyrus goes Down Down - at Coles
  176. Those Damn Cell Phones (dangerous distractions)
  177. Bloods - Into My Arms (Lyric Video) on youtube
  178. Facebook group - Your Parking Is Shit!
  179. New Zealand's - Lorde - first lead female to top Alternative Songs chart in more than 17 years.
  180. Say Hello and Introduce yourself.
  181. M210 Monkey Light - Night riding! Youtube video
  182. Luxury toilet users warned of hardware flaw - BBC news
  183. Laptop is back - Thanks Fujitsu!
  184. Just Jumpy the dog, great dog trick video from youtube.
  185. High Contrast Setting in Windows 8 Doesn't Display all images.
  186. Sydney Comedy Festival comes to Newcastle Civic Theatre
  187. Laptop off for repair, going to be quiet for the next few days.
  188. Anyone following the Royal Baby news? I see Kate has been taken to hospital, good luck to Will!
  189. DAB+ Portable Player with MP3 PLayback??
  190. Enmore Theatre latest Shows Wil Anderson, Kitty Flanagan, Russell Howard, Jimmy Barnes.
  191. Star Wars Downunder Trailer, Michael Cox, SWDUfilm
  192. Promote your business effectively in Sydney
  193. Back from Germany
  194. Any Masterchef fans here? Coles - MasterChef Week 6 Wrap Up - Youtube
  195. JB hi-fi message in their ebooks section? Interested to read about JK Rowling Robert Galbraith
  196. Mana Tea Tea Strainer, don't drink tea but I still want one.
  197. Hi from Brisbane
  198. Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News, need a better fact checker!!
  199. Online Marketing Jobs in Sydney
  200. How to do your daughter's hair, youtube Fastest Method of Tie Someone's Hair Up.
  201. Font Fight by College Humour, Arial takes on Helvetica
  202. Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes Trailer
  203. Plastic to Oil Fantastic OW2.0
  204. New York City Jail
  205. Dual Screen Android Phone.
  206. What's in a kids name? Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins
  207. Wimbledon tennis - the clothes the crowd wear?
  208. Is there any way to have a highest hits page?
  209. Pac-Man Glassary heat change mug - youtube video
  210. Anyone listening to Triple J tonight it's like being in the early 90s
  211. Business Listing Directory
  212. Google Doodle, Tour de France, Le Tour de France - 100th race!
  213. Qld Energy Minister, Mark McArdle, said solar is the main reason for electricity price rises!!!
  214. Wanna see something scary? But strangely impressive? Touhou & Backstreet Boys
  215. Drunk Girl Ruins Wedding
  216. Kevin Rudd new PM!? Kevin 57 (votes!)
  217. windows 8.1 what do people think?
  218. Youtube's new caption tool, this is going to be fun!
  219. Get more exposuser to your traveling business
  220. I see there's new buttons at the top
  221. First Day of Winter? Isn't that June 1st, Google get it wrong?
  222. 3D printer home kits K8200 PROMOTION VIDEO
  223. Anyone else on the Harvey Norman email list? Anyone else getting spam?
  224. Disney's FROZEN | First Look Trailer | Official Disney HD film preview on Youtube.
  225. Danny MacAskill's Imaginate, Best Riding Vid Ever!
  226. Xbox 360 Song - those that have suffered the Red Ring of Death/Doom to 99 Red Balloons
  227. Why your parcels get broken! China Air-Freight Handlers at Guangzhou Airport - No Care Policy?
  228. Comedy Man Vs Lawnmower
  229. How Do I Force Eject a USB Drive?
  230. Hedgehog Friday on Facebook
  231. Maurice Sendak Google Doodle - where the wild things are
  232. Welsh pizza complaint - audio only
  233. How to install fonts in Windows 8, quick and easy!
  234. This is Insane! Extreme downhill trail Descenso del Condor in La Paz Bolivia
  235. Things Posh People Like.
  236. Cat Bearding, a little Dog Bearding - youtube video from NTDTV
  237. Sir David Attenborough undergoes urgent op to get pacemaker
  238. I have a computer problem, I am not a computer person.
  239. Party at my house! Ordered the LED Elfin Flower 1 from Maplin
  240. Need advise
  241. Do you know Julia Gillard - why does Twitter keep asking me this!?
  242. Arrested Development TV show is back for Series 4!!!!!
  243. what's going on in Tassie??? Ghost video teen sex offender gets jail term
  244. Triple J Magazine closes
  245. Barossa. Be Consumed - Nick Cave - Red Right Hand
  246. Fleming's Nursert - Australian garden team triumphs at Chelsea Flower Show.
  247. Is the Doctor Really Called Dave?! Kids in the Hall
  248. Water on the ceiling trick backfires!
  249. Dr Who - Why is Steven Moffat trying to destroy it!? Doctor Who - The Doctor's Name.
  250. Michael Bublé - "It's A Beautiful Day" [Official Music Video] Lyrics and Youtube Video.