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  1. (02) 8668 1400 keeps calling my phone.
  2. Software for checking duplicate files? Preferably good and free! Mainly for JPG and .CR2 files.
  3. When you've got a song stuck in your head! JACKSON FIVE vs. GUNS N' ROSES "Paradise A-B-City"
  4. most visits in 1 day!
  5. Made in Australia - Tag.
  6. Windows 8 charm bar keeps popping up when using the mouse, even when not on right of screen.
  7. Reviews for Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200 ml
  8. Another cool bike vid.
  9. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon sounds just like Kermit the Frog!
  10. Nokia Lumia 928 Almost Identical To A Lumia 920.
  11. What a Week of groceries looks like around the world. Peter Menzel Photography
  12. WOW NKOTB are back! - New Kids On The Block - Remix (I Like The)
  13. Sydney's first NBN connection drops out, ninemsn. AUSTRALIA NEEDS FAST INTERNET!
  14. Bring On The Trumpets - The Natural Confectionery Company
  15. Funny Professional Carpet Laying - Youtube
  16. May the 4th be with you. Happy international Star Wars day.
  17. Just made my 1000th post
  18. Dog 'saved life' of missing Polish girl - BBC news #dogsrock! #dogs #great #news
  19. Photos from a pyramid shot by snekey photographers.
  20. Chess set pieces made from Nuts and Bolts
  21. Truck Surfing On Redhead Beach - Third Creek
  22. ANZAC Day.
  23. Pretty Cool Little Pump Track Vid With The Awesome Brian Lopes!
  24. Bloemencorso 2013 Holland Flower Festival, youtube video.
  25. Kmart Ship My Pants Ad. #ShipMyPants
  26. Water spout, as seen Bar Beach, Jewells, Belmont Merewether, youtube & pics, NewcastleHerald.
  27. Abbott Captioned from abbottoirblues.tumblr.com
  28. Join Saver Scene on Twitter and Google Plus #SaverScene
  29. X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat
  30. Peacock Spider Awesome Australian Wildlife!! Canon 60D and 100 mm macro lens!!
  31. Apple apologizes to China over warranty policies, Apple Oppressive!
  32. iMate May Be Releasing a Phone Running Windows 8 Pro.
  33. Happy Easter Everyone!
  34. Lee'Mon - Genetics OFFICIAL VIDEO
  35. Brightly - Preflight Nerves (Official Video) from Melbourne!!
  36. Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive" LOL #GordonTestDrive
  37. How Beer Saved the World (HD)
  38. How to do your daughters hair in pigtails for dads
  39. NRL Vs AFL
  40. Say Goodnight Post!
  41. Dog - Ben the labrador and Doogie the Dolphine from Middletown on Tory Island. youtube
  42. 0-1,000,000 - The counting game.
  43. What are peoples favourite shops?
  44. Not Sure If I Am Dealing With A Scammer On Gumtree.
  45. I like the Google Doodle for St Patrick's Day - Happy St Patrick's Day!
  46. Australia adds 71,500 jobs, the biggest jump since 2000, BBC news #Australia #Jobs
  47. Not for everyone but if you like your rappers with brains you might like this.
  48. Just had the most users online at one time
  49. Man vs Shark? poor dusky shark was just having a sleep.
  50. Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe - The Harlem Shake
  51. ShityRail announcements - #ShittyRail #CityRail #CityFail #ShityRail #Youtube #Comedy
  52. Now this is one fancy computer! Fujitsu CELSIUS R920! Over 500GB of Ram!!!
  53. Sydney Train Network CityRail - CityFail ShityRail - www.shityrail.info #CityFail
  54. Good to see you back Gav.
  55. Apple, Microsoft and Adobe summoned by Australia
  56. Comedy video for Fool, TPG & Rowan - don't watch if you're a sensative Christian!
  57. Dumb Ways to Die (in Video Games) Parody.
  58. Any Cheap Easy To Use Video Editing Programs Out There?
  59. How to stop Windows 8 creating thumbs.db
  60. Microsoft Live, Xbox 360 error - 80154042 - how I managed to fix it.
  61. Sorry, this Microsoft account is already associated with an Xbox LIve profile - Xbox 360
  62. Taylor Swift + Breaking Bad Parody - 'We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together.
  63. Newcastle, This Place is Pretty Good ( The Rap ) - Where I grew up!
  64. I need a new wireless Router, any suggestions?
  65. Anyone get any good Black Friday deals?
  66. Is there anywhere to find all of the shortcuts when posting?
  67. Multiple Recovery Partitions after installing Windows 8
  68. World Wealth Report.
  69. Shutting Windows 8 down in one click, very easy shutdown.
  70. Closing Apps in Windows 8.
  71. 'The Star Wars That I Used To Know' - Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know' Parody
  72. Microsoft Windows 8 - your reviews and views?
  73. TableCloth Trick Fail, youtube video trying to take off a table cloth LOL
  74. Way Back Machine, view old websites, such a cool site.
  75. Night Time Watcher Required to dress as Small Owl, from gumtree.com.au
  76. Possibly the only road bike riding worth watching, awesome video!
  77. I need a cheap small media player that can play FLAC files, any ideas?
  78. US court to rule on ReDigi's MP3 digital music resales.
  79. Crazy Kiwi Policeman Giving Handy Advice-
  80. Good video cameras that do HD and what video compression for web delivery?
  81. New Lumix GH3 specs announced, weatherproof full HD 60 FPS shooting.
  82. Gruen Swet - The Pitch - Red Jelly - Hobart to get 2024 Olympics.
  83. Fake Groupon Email containing Trojan Virus.
  84. Facebook Song - Rhett & Link
  85. RCA to HDMI? Can it be done?
  86. Go the tiny bike!
  87. Converting old HDD MP3 players to SSD, can it be done?
  88. Pranking Sleeping Wife on Highway