UPDATE: Head here: http://money.saverscene.com.au/compa...nterest-rates/ to find the latest and most up to date term deposit information, page updates every Thursday with the highest term deposit rates.

Another win for RaboDirect this week with the top interest rate for a 6 month fixed rate, fixed term deposit, as of 13th of June 2013, they're offering 4.15% for 6 months, to see the most up to date information for 6 month term deposits head to: Comparing the best rate for 6 months term deposits for Australian Savers. Or to find out more about the RaboDirect savings account head over here:

Term Deposits with High Interest Rates | RaboDirect Australia

6 months (half a year), with an interest rate of 4.15%, for sums over $1,000.