To see the most up to date chart for the highest interest rates for term deposits head to the new term deposit page:

As of 13th of June 2013 Westpac and St George are offering the highest interest rate for a 3 year fixed term deposit, for the most up to date interest rates and best savings check: Comparing the best rate for 3 years 36 months term deposit at present it's an interest rate of 4.5%:

Westpac Term Deposit
f you’re saving for a long-term goal or looking for a secure investment, choose a Term Deposit. It lets you lock away your savings for a fixed term and earn interest with a competitive rate.
  • No set up, monthly service or management fees.
  • Choose an investment amount from $5,000 or more.
  • Pick the term – from one week to five years.
  • Choose from monthly, annually, or at maturity interest payment options.
  • Flexible reinvestment options at the end of the term.

St George current interest rate pdf: