The bonus accounts such as the RAMS Saver I've just posted about can get very frustrating with lost interest due to needing to withdraw money that month, however if you need your money more regularly and are prepared to take a slightly lower interest rate you can often come out better than loosing the months interest. The USaver from UBank is currently (10th of July 2012) offering the highest non bonus cash savings interest rate, with a rate of 5.01% which isn't too bad considering the highest bonus one is only 0.74% higher! Find out more about the USaver from UBank here:

High Interest Savings Accounts | USaver - UBank Best Savings Account Online - UBank - A good place for money. Backed by NAB

Introducing an online, high interest savings account that gives you a great interest rate, easy access to your money, 24/7 online AND rewards you for regularly saving.

Just deposit $200 per month with our Automatic Savings Plan and for balances of less than $200,000 per customer (this balance includes all USaver joint savings accounts) we'll reward you with a Savings Bonus over the standard variable rate.
And because you apply online, we pass the savings onto you through our highly competitive rates.

With every USaver savings account, you'll get:

  • A genuine high interest savings account - calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No fees or charges whatsoever
  • A simple online account opening process plus access to a real person 24/7
  • Savings Buckets - create different savings accounts for each of your savings goals in just a few clicks
  • Our useful Goal Tracker online savings tool. Goal Tracker will help you learn how to save money to achieve your goals
  • Easy online account management - transfer funds out anytime
  • Your choice of alerts sent to you via email, SMS or secure mail
  • No minimum amount and a maximum balance of $1 million dollars per customer

USaver and UBank reviews:
The reviews I've read about USaver and UBank have been generally positive, if you have any reviews you'd like to add feel free to post them below. Also if you know of any highest interest rate non bonus savings accounts in Australia we'd love to know!