I often talk about taking photos on here but haven't shared many due to not taking a lot lately. My hands, due to carpal tunnel, are too sore to work with a camera or process the photos with my computer so I'll share a few older ones (I'll add Aussie ones when I get my HDDs set up), these were all cropped for postcards, I don't like overworked or HDR photos, I try to get everything right in camera, most of the processing is cleaning up the dust left on sensor or lenses when I've not done a great job cleaning them.

Edinburgh city and Castle snowy morning at sunrise, Dugald Stewart Monument in foreground.

Just east of Edinburgh at North Berwick - Bass Rock -this is a heavy crop and looks a lot better with the full 16x9 style landscape shot that I took it as, however it's cropped for a postcard here:

National Monument on Calton Hill Edinburgh. With Full Moon:

Ross Fountain in Princes Street Gardens with Edinburgh Castle in the background.

A friend from Newie wants to hang this one on her wall, it's her favourite photo of Edinburgh:
St Margaret's Loch

Edinburgh Torch Procession with Saltire:

I'm not great at taking people's photos:
Edinburgh Torch Procession