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Thread: GoPro Hero $168, best price in Australia?

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    GoPro Hero $168, best price in Australia?

    The new GoPro Hero has only just come out in Australia and it is seriously well priced at full RRP and Digital Camera Warehouse have it for $168.

    I have recently purchased a a Hero3 White and it seems the new entry level Hero is the same but without wireless for a whole lot less money.

    Normally a replacement battery runs $50 and a housing $89 so you could buy it just for them and you get a spare camera for ~$30.

    GoPro HERO | Digital Camera Warehouse


    GoPro HERO

    • Waterproof to 40m
    • 1080@30fps, 720@60fps
    • 5 megapixel burst @ 5fps
    • Night Photo, Night Lapse, Time Lapse
    • QuikCapture Recording Mode
    • Immersive Wide-angle Superview Perspective
    • Auto Low-Light Mode



    The GoPro HERO makes it easy to capture and share your world. Featuring high-quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, the HERO captures the same immersive footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world. User-friendly modes include QuikCapture, which lets you power on the camera and start recording with the press of a single button, and Burst Photo, which captures fast-action sequences at up to 5 frames per second.

    Wearable, gear-mountable and integrated into a rugged housing that’s waterproof to 40m, HERO helps you capture photos and videos that make you look like just that: a HERO.

    A variety of photo capture options gives you the power to document your passions any way you want. Shoot 5MP still photos to share with friends on Facebook, Instagram and more. Time Lapse mode automatically captures a photo every half-second. It’s great for gear-mounted shots when the shutter button is out of reach, or capturing a series of photos so you can pick the best ones. Burst mode shoots up to 5 photos in one second—perfect for fast-action sequences.

    The HERO camera is built directly into a rugged housing1 that’s waterproof to 40m. It’s designed to withstand dirt, sand, water and nearly anything else you can throw at it. So whether you’re getting after surf, snow or singletrack—or just splashing in the pool with your friends—you can take it with you without a worry.

    Weighing just 111 grams, HERO is super small, ultra portable and perfect for low-profile mounting. Its compact design means you can comfortably wear it or mount it to your gear as you capture your favorite activities, or slip it in your pocket or bag to take anywhere.

    Be ready to capture the moment at a moment’s notice with new QuikCapture mode. It turns your GoPro into a one-button camera, allowing you to power on and start recording automatically with the press of a single button. Press once to record video, press and hold for two seconds to capture Time Lapse photos. Never worry again about missing an epic shot.

    HERO features SuperView, a GoPro-exclusive video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective. It allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in the shot—resulting in captivating, ultra engaging footage of every adventure.

    HERO’s ultra wide-angle glass lens enables the extra immersive perspective GoPro is famous for. It’s great close-range selfies and gear-mounted shots—delivering a unique perspective and engaging footage of you and your world.

    Auto Low Light mode intelligently changes frame rates based on lighting conditions for optimal low-light performance, enabling you to move between bright and dark environments without having to adjust your camera settings.

    Capture audio of all your adventures—from hoots and hi5s to roaring crowds and crashing waves. The included Skeleton Backdoor enables enhanced audio during low-speed activities in dry, dirt-free environments.

    Download free GoPro Studio software, and do more with your GoPro footage than ever before. Easily import your content, and create engaging GoPro-style videos to share with the world.

    GoPro HERO | Digital Camera Warehouse

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    Oh yeah, if you don't have at least a decent laptop with a graphics card, editing footage from cameras above this one really sucks. My laptop doesn't have a graphics card but is a Gen3 quad core and it is pretty damn lousy when playing around with 720p footage at 60FPS, I want to try and run an external GPU to speed it up.

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