at a mates setting up a server for him and he asked if this was a good DEAL!! I think if you're starting out in photography or want a kit for holiday and travel but don't want to spend a lot of cash it really is, if you're more serious spend bigger bucks and get a manfrotto tripod check Ted's Cameras for Manfrotto: Manfrotto > Manfrotto Lighting Support Equipment at Ted's Cameras - Ted's Cameras I'd recommend any of the 190 or 055 ranges for tripods.

This Kogan one with backpack should be great if you don't want to spend $400 on a tripod and another $100 - $200 on a head. Just pay attention to it's weight restrictions which is 6Kg:

Professional Photographer's Backpack & Tripod | Bundle & Save! | Cameras |
Professional Photographer's Backpack & Tripod

Professional Photographer's Backpack & Tripod | Bundle & Save! | Cameras |

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Everything you need to set up the perfect shot!
Photographers, this is your chance to get outside, travel far and wide and get some amazing shots! We’ve combined the two items that are essential for going out and getting the perfect photo — the Premium Professional Camera Backpack and the Professional Camera Tripod.
Premium Professional Camera Backpack
Nothing gets left behind! Our Premium Professional Camera Backpack has an assortment of compartments, pockets and openings to fit all your equipment. The top compartment has room for your camera and 6 lenses, with a removable camera case and adjustable lens compartments.
With built-in back support and a waterproof cover, you have nothing to fear from the great outdoors. You’ll just be excited to get out there and start snapping!
Professional Camera Tripod
Suitable for the vast majority of DSLRs and digital cameras on the market, this tripod can take your camera anywhere. Thanks to the three different leg lock positions, you can mount your camera at just 47cm from the ground or quickly adjust the leg lock to hoist your camera up to 157cm, ready to capture the perfect angle.
The multiple spirit levels and compass, combined with a fully rotational mount ensure that every component is perfectly aligned to capt


Folded Height 60cm Headmount Diameter 1/4" Weight 2.3kg General

Material Aluminium Maximum Load Capacity 6kg Min/Max Height 47/157cm

Be interested if anyone has one and could give a review!!

Professional Photographer's Backpack & Tripod | Bundle & Save! | Cameras |