I noticed a post on twitter about the importance of having pet insurance:

It was recommended when shopping for Pet insurance to check for:
  • breed exclusions, condition caps and excess

And may be try a few pet insurance comparison websites such as:

RSPCA Pet insurance plans comparisons:
Pet Insurance Comparison | Compare Pet Insurance | RSPCA

Choosi lets you select number of pets, state you live in, wish they let you suggest more about the cross as my previous dog seemed to be crossed with everything, current one's a lab collie cross.
Compare Pet Insurance - Dog & Cat Insurance - Choosi

You can also find reviews of pet insurance companies in Australia here:
Pet Insurance Reviews for Australians

Canstar have an easy to read PDF with pet insurance tabled on it - although prices and details are from February 2013.

Please feel to leave a review here
If you've had any great success with a good pet insurance company, or warn people off of the ones that aren't great.

You can see my little guy Chewie in this thread: Photos of your pets

I hope Dr Belinda the Vet doesn't mine me linking to her page with lovely pics: Dr Belinda The Vet |