Cat scratch pole with ball, This is super cheap, just $9.99.

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Cat Pole

Scratch Post With Toy

  • $9.99

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This superb scratch pole from 1-day is purrrrfect for making your feline feel fine and at this price it won’t cause cat-astrophic damage to your bank balance.

The 42cm cat scratch pole is a fantastic bit of kitty kit designed to provide endless hours of play and scratch time for that special puss in your life. Constructed from resilent, long-lasting materials, this Simba station is as soothing and relieving as it is entertaining and catifyingly gratifying.

Sporting a rope column for a good old relieving scratch and a dangling play ball, this prinecly cat scratch pole is purrrty much everything your beloved moggy could wish for. SO, score yourself a claw-some deal, just click “Yes, Buy Now!” This pole is sure to me-wow ya!

  • Awesome rope scratch pole and polyester-covered scruffy dangling ball
  • Practical cat activity station
  • Climb, play, relax and exercise safely
  • Super simple to assemble
  • Long lasting structure and material
  • Save your home from the ravages of scratches
  • Dimensions (cm): 30 (L) x 30 (W) x 42 (H)
  • Weight (kg – approx. ): 1.9

  • Note:
  • Limit of two per order.
  • WHILE STOCKS LAST, OFFERS END 12PM, Monday, February 24, 2014

Cat Pole Scratch Post With Toy | Buy Cheap Deals Online |