As the warmer months creep up behind us, so do those not-so-friendly creepy crawlies. Stop them in their tracks with today's Deal!Take advantage of the amazing offer that is best suited to your home! Your home will be thoroughly pest-proofed both inside and outside, including lounge room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, laundry, roof and exterior parameters. Bedrooms are also included. Depending on the number of bedrooms in your home, choose to pay:$69 for two bedrooms (total value $159).$79 for three bedrooms (total value $250).$89 for four bedrooms (total value $330).$99 for five bedrooms (total value $450). If you live in an apartment, the roof and exterior parameters will be substituted with the balcony! The general pest spray will have your home free of spiders, Australian cockroaches, ants, wasps and silverfish. It will be applied to internal and external perimeters of your home, including roof voids and sub-floor areas.The team at S.O.S Property Services are experts in their field. The qualified team takes on and manage many types of projects. Client relationship is the source of their business and achieving the client's requirements is the team's number one priority.The environment is everyone's responsibility. At S.O.S Property Services, the team take it very seriously! They always seek environmentally safe products without compromising on the quality and effectiveness of their work.* Images are for illustration purposes only.

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