There's no need to slog it out for hours at the gym to achieve a sculpted bod. Thanks to today's great deal from Fantastic Fitness Focus, you can kiss your love handles goodbye without the need for terrible treadmills or evil exercise bikes!Slim down and shape up with fat cavitation treatments. Choose from $89 for three 30 minute fat cavitation sessions (value $300), $139 for five 30 minute fat cavitation sessions (value $500), or $249 for ten 30 minute fat cavitation sessions (value $1000). Choose to treat any of the following areas: thighs, legs, buttocks, arms, abdomen, chest (breast lift) neck, face (face lift), lower back, calves and more. Experienced, friendly therapists and the latest innovative technologies set Fantastic Fitness Focus apart as fat cavitation specialists. Achieve a sleeker silhouette and reap the benefits of fat cavitation.Fat cavitation targets stubborn areas with minimal discomfort and no down time. A revolutionary treatment, fat cavitation involves the use of a low frequency ultrasound to blast away pockets of fat cells. The safe and pain free procedure is designed to reduce fat and cellulite, improve circulation and lymphatic functioning.Fantastic Fitness Focus is located in Melbourne, Victoria in Richmond near the city centre! Their dedicated team are fully qualified and trained in a broad range of health, fitness and beauty related services. Fitness Focus have onsite male and female experts, two treatment rooms and a gym floor.Opening HoursMonday to Sunday 8am – 9pm * Images are for illustration purposes only

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