With the aid of his personal body sculptor, Michelangelo, the Statue of David was able to achieve a perfectly toned, contoured physique without doing a single push up or rejecting a single plate of chocolate pudding. Employ your own personal body sculptor with today's Deal!Do you have trouble losing unwanted fat deposits such as cellulite, fat around your waist, your arms, the buttocks, the thighs, the abdomen, and your legs despite dieting and exercise? Luckily, all you need is $49 for one, $79 for two or $99 for three treatments to embrace a great, modern weight loss alternative with today's Deal! Body sculpting cavitation treatment is a non-invasive liposuction technique that helps to eliminate unwanted fat cells. By employing ultrasound technology to create a cavitation effect in your body, fat cells are broken down and released into the body to be processed. By disturbing the adipose tissue (body fat) the body can then work to remove it.With the warmer months upon us, these body sculpting treatments are ideal for fat removal and cellulite management. The treatments visibly reduce the circumference of the body and the appearance of fat can be decreased on average from 2cm up to 6cm!Choose one area per treatment. Purchase up to three vouchers and choose to treat one area across three separate sessions OR treat three separate areas. Multiple treatments deliver incremental reduction. The number of treatments required varies according to your body's requirements and the amount of fat to be removed.The Skin Deep non-invasive liposuction procedure will shape your body in the way you desire without any pain or surgery. With no surgical theatres in sight and no anaesthesia used, this is a comfortable, walk-in procedure that is time efficient and incurs no downtime. Skin Deep Lipoderm Clinic prides itself on professionalism and friendliness. The staff provide their customers with top of the range customer service. They aim to create a unique experience for everyone who comes through their door. The clinic offers an easy way to lose weight with immediate. long-lasting results without surgery or painful injections.Opening hoursTuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am – 5pmThursday: 10am – 7pmSaturday: 10am – 3pm* Images are for illustration purposes only.** This treatment is not suitable for people with active heart disease or vascular disease, pacemakers or thrombosis. It is also not suitable for patients requiring medical transplants, who are pregnant or breast feeding or individuals with metal prostheses or any serious illnesses. If unsure, please contact a medical professional before purchasing this Deal.*** Multiple treatments may be required on each area to achieve desired results, results may vary.

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