Put down the video controller and pick up a paintball rifle! Whether you want to show off your stealth skills, take playground games of Cops and Robbers to the next level or get sweet revenge on the prankster who shaved off your left eyebrow, paintball is the perfect opportunity!Have a blast on the battlefield and enjoy a day of action-packed paintball with Mango Hill Skirmish for only $22. You'll be equipped with 200 paintballs, a paintball gun and all basic protective equipment (value $50). Buy more vouchers for your mates and make it a day to remember!Just in case you run out of ammo, in an offer exclusive to OurDeal members, you have the option to upgrade to 600 paintballs for just $50 (normally $100).Mango Hill Skirmish have the ideal playing fields for your paintball game. There are extensive bush tracks with lots of thick scrub to hide in, as well as a number of forts and barricades designed to give the tactically challenged somewhere obvious to hide. If you spend most of the week driving a desk, you may not wish to climb lots of hills, so Mango Hill Skirmish kindly got rid of them for you.A variety of games are played in every session. These include base assaults, flag captures and V.I.P escorts. These games are able to be customised to meet your needs and are supervised by qualified referees (who accept bribes).Mango Hill Skirmish have rapid fire semi-automatic Tippmann A5 with response triggers and powered hoppers. Many of their piranha markers have electronic triggers. These will dramatically increase your rate of fire. Markers fire mostly harmless biodegradable gelatine capsules that splatter pretty colours all over your hapless victims.Paintball is safer than rugby or fishing, but following safety instructions is vital. Paintball can bruise or blind you. Mango Hill Skirmish provide full face masks manufactured to the Australian Standard. The mask protects your face, temples, ears and most importantly eyes. They must be worn at all times inside the firing areas.For added protection, paintball markers are not to be removed from the playing field. When not in use the markers (guns) must be left on the gun racks, where they can be supervised by a staff member. Torso protectors are available and are strongly recommended for women. There are also cricket boxes for sale at $3.00 each.Due to QLD Firearms Legislation, only persons 15 years and older can play paintball. Mango Hill Skirmish requires that all players sign a waiver form before playing. Any person under 18 years must get a Parent or Guardian to sign the waiver for them and bring photo ID.Opening HoursMonday to Sunday: 9:00am - 12:00pm and 2:00pm - 5:00pm* Images are for illustration purposes only

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