In all likelihood, your first experience with simulated flight involved your four-year-old selfsprinting around the house with arms outstretched, making jet engine noises until you bumped into a table and started bawling. Today's Deal can help you relive those magical childhood experiences, except with far fewer tears and far more knobs, dials and important-looking buttons!Experience the thrill you seek in a Jet Flight Simulator! All you need is $49 to enjoy 15 minutes in a state of the art replica Boeing 737-800NG flight simulator (value $149). The introduction to simulator flying includes one take off and landing at Perth airport, It's the next best thing to flying a real plane! If 15 minutes doesn't satisfy your thrill seeking needs, you can enjoy 30 minutes for $89 (value $195) or one hour for $149 (value $350). Bring along up to three friends for the ride and watch the aerial action as a passenger.An experienced pilot will give you a pre-flight briefing and 'hands on' guidance of the simulator. Then it's over to you to take off and land with the pilot by your side! The engines will roar as your first officer advances the thrust lever for take-off and when the take-off speed is achieved. Your first officer will call 'rotate' and you will gently pull the column toward you, lifting the huge aircraft into the air. After your first officer has retracted the landing gear, you can look out of the window as the ground is disappearing beneath you.You will have the opportunity to practice various turns and handling techniques of the aircraft to bring you back to approach landing. When you start to see the runway lights, several miles ahead, you will bring the aircraft to a glideslope configuration for final approach. A few seconds before touchdown, you will ease the nose gently and hear the wheels hit the runway.Choose from 22,000 airports. You can even buzz your home and neighbours at low altitude. Don't miss out on your chance to jet about the skies in the only privately owned flight simulator in Western Australia based on a Boeing 737-800NG and run by experienced pilots.Open seven days, 8:30am to 8:30pm.

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