It's hard to look good when you're slogging it out on the treadmill, sweating up a storm on the exercise bike or working out exactly how to use that confusing ab-crunching contraption. Today's Deal is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to frumpy fitness regimes and master the art of pole dancing!Gather the girls and try out the latest fun and cheeky fitness craze that's sweeping the nation! For just $29 enjoy one month of unlimited casual pole dancing, Pilates, dance fitness and flexibility classes. These casual classes (value $698) will have you fit, fabulous and having a whole lot of fun!Choose to attend one or all Pole Pump, Pilates Pure, Freestyle or Stretch & Flex classes to strengthen and tone your body. With 13 sessions available per week in total, you will save a you a massive $1669! All classes are suitable for ALL fitness levels, and no dance background is required.Pole Pump is a fitness and cardio class incorporating minimal use of pole. It's great for toning the body, improving stamina and gaining the upper body and core strength required to achieve those pole tricks. All muscle groups are targeted so you can expect to see a real difference. Regular gym attire and sand shoes are recommended. Pilates Pure Class focuses on core stability, flexibility and strengthening the body proportionally, which prevents adding bulk and helps produce a lean figure. Stretch and Flex is for anyone looking to achieve deeper stretches and more flexibility. It’s an important component of pole training. Stretch & Flex is a great class to attend when the body is warm and also a great way to maintain your body and prevent injuries.Freestyle is choreographed dance class offering pole moves and tricks with a dance workout. It is also a great way to have a bit of a laugh.Pole dancing is a fantastic way to get fit, tone up, build lean muscle and get in an amazing cardio workout, all while having so much fun that you won't even notice you're exercising! This is the perfect sport for any woman irrespective of age, shape, size or strength. No more boring gym workouts. Find your potential and lose your inhibitions. To live life, the time is now!Click here to view the current timetable!Pole Fitness Australia was Queensland's first pole fitness and dance studio. Established in 2005, they are experienced in offering a professional, safe and fun way to get fit for ladies. Teachers are highly knowledgeable, skilled and take your safety seriously. A variety of casual classes are offered to support the needs of pole dancing. These classes can help to build and strengthen necessary areas required for general good posture and pole dancing techniques. They also can help to prevent injury and allow you to develop more quickly.* Images of pole dancing are courtesy of Jacques Maudy Photography** Student must be 18 years and over or parental consent is required

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