Getting rid of aching back pain can bring with it some very uncomfortable remedies. Rather than spending your nights on a bed of nails or walking around in a back brace, take advantage of today's far more soothing solution!For just $29 you can enjoy a one hour full body massage (value $80) with your choice of a relaxation, sports, remedial or deep tissue massage. Whether you have aching or injured muscles, or just feel like winding down after a stressful day, a massage will help you feel healed, relaxed and invigorated.Every massage involves a consultation which provides the masseuse with an opportunity to build a case history and consult with you about your expectations. Specifically, they will discuss what you want to achieve from your treatment and areas where you may have particular concerns.The massage you receive will be uniquely adapted to your needs and will vary depending on your preferences and your level of tension. It may involve the use of universal techniques such as acupressure massage, shiatsu, reflexology, remedial massage, Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage.Universal Health Network was created to enhance your health and wellbeing by taking the stress out of your life with relaxing treatments. Whether you want relief from pain or tightness, or you just want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, Universal Health Network can help! Open Monday to Saturday, trading hours available online when booking.* Images are for illustration purposes only

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