Forget high pressure conference calls and impossible deadlines. The biggest problem you face in the office occurs at around 3.30pm when the vending machine's sugary treats start calling your name. Luckily, Harvest Box have come up with the perfect solution for both your wallet and your waistline! Round up your spare change and swap $3 for a delicious box of nutritious and tasty snacks from Harvest Box (value $7.95) to help you through the afternoon office drag. Sample a selection from their range of over fifty mixes of nuts, dried fruit and seeds that are sure to satisfy any rumbling tummy until dinnertime. Your snack box will be filled with up to 200g of four different, delicious mixes.You tell Harvest Box what you like and don't like by rating their product range. Based on your choices, the team selects from their growing range and fills the box just for you. Once the snack box is ready, it will be delivered to your home or workplace for you to enjoy!Harvest Box are the experts of easy and the kings of convenience. It's seriously simple, nutritious snacking delivered to your desk. Fuss-free and guilt-free! Each time, Harvest Box will deliver a different variation to you. That means maximum flavour and variety in your munch mix. And no more calorie-laden junk-stops at the vending machine!Click here to see what's on the menu!

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