Take off the feather headdress, put down the percussion stick and stop that incessant chanting. There is a simple, easy way to have your car washed, and it doesn't involve doing a rain dance. Head to Crystal Wash n Cafe and leave it to the professionals!Just $25 will have your four-wheeled friend sparkling thanks to Crystal Wash n Cafe. Your entire car will be pressure washed including wheel and wheel arches to remove all break dust and road grime (value $24). The engine will be steam cleaned (value $30) to remove all the pollution, vehicle oils, grease and drippings. Outside windows will be cleaned and the tyres cleaned and shined. To top it all off, your car will be chamois dried and the interior will be deodorised with perfume (value $5).Crystal Wash n Cafe has a remarkable history and reputation in the city of Adelaide. It was recently renovated under a new management in 2011. Crystal Carwash has skilled staff with significant experience in car washing, cleaning services and simple repairs.Crystal Wash n Cafe is open seven days a week from 9am – 5pm.* Images are for illustration purposes only

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