You don't need to spend years meditating with monks to be enlightened. Instead of shaving your head and trekking across Nepal, save yourself the effort and light up your life the natural way!For just $49, expand your mind (and skillset) with a three hour workshop to learn how to make natural soy candles (value $170). You'll create your own tea candles and melts! Early Settler Aromatherapy will provide all equipment and ingredients including scents and colours to use. For the class, you will also receive a candle-making kit complete with soy wax, jars, wicks, wick stickers, wick sustainers and safety stickers. If you have a friend who likes to get crafty too, spend $89 and enjoy the workshop together (value $240).Choose from three convenient locations: Albert Park, Gisborne or South Gisborne. Classes are held on Saturdays at 9am or 12pm and Sundays at 11am.The greatest innovation in the candle industry today is the replacement of the "paraffin" based candle with a natural wax alternative. The soy candles made by Early Settler Aromatherapy burn cleanly, releasing no toxins into the air. They produce no soot or smoke. As they burn cooler and for longer (25- 50% longer), they allow the fragrance to be released into the air for a longer period. This natural, environmentally friendly wax is biodegradable and all containers can be washed with hot, soapy water to be reused.

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