While there's nothing like the real thing, going to the local golf course to perfect your swing on your one day off is not always possible. It only takes a few dark clouds and cold winds to ruin the little time you had set aside to play.Luckily you can practice any day, any time with this amazing Deal from Croker Golf Academy! Perfect your swing both online and with a professional coach thanks to today's Deal. For just $19 you'll receive an one hour, one on one lesson with a professional golfer, the complete, five level Peter Croker Golf Academy Online Course, PLUS a one hour individual online lesson.Perfect your golf swing from the comfort of your own home or office with a one hour individual online lesson. This is a unique learning experience designed to take you through the fundamentals step by step to develop your swing and improve your overall golf game. An internet video analysis of your own swing is included for future study, as are drills to practice and enhance your skill set.Put your new found-knowledge to the test with a one hour one on one coaching session with a qualified Croker Golf System professional. Choose to have your lesson at one of three separate locations in Melbourne or two in Queensland.The complete Peter Croker Golf Academy Online Course includes the Level 1, 2 and 3 course (value $149), the Level 4 Putting Program (value $99), the Level 5 Bunkers Program (value $49) and the Secrets of the Swing (value $39). Comprising over 240 minutes of video downloads, this course will have you ready to hit the green in no time!In order to build a great golf swing you need to follow these steps:1. Analyse where you are now overall (honesty is very important in this step) and set goals about where you want to be e.g. your handicap, scores, consistency, accuracy, power.2. Analyse where you are with each part of the game and the problems you have with putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, full swing irons, full swing driver, speciality and recovery shots. Set a goal for each part of the game.3. Book your first lesson in this unique step by step program with a Croker Golf System Coach and work with him or her on the above.4. Start with the area you need the most help with.5. Take action and enjoy the journey – learning and playing golf is a lifetime journey and it starts now!The Croker Golf System is taught by Peter Croker along with more than 40 Master Croker Golf System Instructors in his golf schools worldwide.

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