Goannas are known for their scaly skin, long tongues and love of adventure! Their close relative, the dragon, enjoy adventures involving moated castles, captured princesses and battles to the death with valiant knights. Goannas, on the other hand, prefer to have their adventures in tropical island paradises with pure white beaches, crystal clear waters, rocky headlands and spectacular scenery!Join Goanna Adventures for a tropical island adventure on Stradbroke Island for only $39! Enjoy a full day guided eco tour, seeing the sights and soaking up the splendour of Stradbroke Island. Take a refreshing swim in Brown Lake with its pure white beaches and its ti-tree oil stained waters (come out looking ten years younger!). Enjoy a spectacular walk along the rocky headland with your camera in hand, ready to capture the blow from Whale Rock or that iconic beach shot. Spot koala colonies, kangaroos lazing in the sun and an abundance of marine life. You’ll have a great chance of spotting a humpback whale from Point Lookout, especially between May and October. Take in all the popular beaches, the historical town of Dunwich and the fishing village of Amity. Hear about the battle between Aboriginal people and the military that occurred at Myora Springs. Enjoy lunch at the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, said to be the pub with the best view in Australia (the cost of lunch is not included in this Deal).Stradboke Island is a paradise of picturesque beaches, Australian wildlife, unspoilt environment and unique lakes. For locals, Stradbroke Island is by far the most popular island off Brisbane but has yet to be discovered by visiting tourists. The second largest sand island in the world it is 32 km long and has everything to provide the visitor with a unique and memorable experience of Brisbane and Australia. Make sure you bring your swimming gear - the water has an average winter temperature of 20°C!Tours to Strandbroke Island depart from Brisbane at 7:30am from the bus stop 125, Roma Street, Brisbane City.

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