Whether you want to say "Happy birthday!", "Congratulations on your graduation!" or "Sorry I set that valuable family heirloom on fire", it will always sound better when you're holding a box of freshly baked goodies. Heed this handy advice and speak through sweets!Share your choice of delicious goodies from Simply Delicious Continental Cakes & Tortes, Marleston. Enjoy a box of 12 for $16 (value $36) or, if your celebration is a bit bigger, enjoy a box of 24 for $29 (value $72).Choose from a variety of freshly baked treats such as:Cake slices: mud cake, black forest, tiramisu, strawberry or vanillaMuffins: chocolate, blueberry or strawberryDoughnuts: sugar-sprinkled, caramel, chocolate or strawberryCustard tartsFresh fruit tartsApple crumbleÉclairsFruit flansSimply Delicious is a cake café that specialises in producing high quality cakes with innovative designs. Experienced cake artists and designers are commissioned to create unique cakes for all occasions. Each cake is unparalleled work of art crafted to suit your special day.

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