A powerful hunger is not to be underestimated. Such a force can turn otherwise sane men and women into raging beasts, ready to lash out mercilessly at any obstacle which stands between them and their favourite food.Pacify even the fiercest hunger on the cheap by simply swapping $29 for $70 worth of mouth-watering Thai cuisine, valid for up to four people! Thai Natong has all your favourite classic Thai dishes such as spring rolls, fish cakes and a range of delicious stir-fries. Your credit can also be put towards drinks. What are you waiting for? Grab three mates and savour authentic Thai flavours right here in Brisbane!At Thai Natong Thai Restaurant, flavour and taste is what it is all about. The chefs at Thai Natong specialise in Northern Thai cuisine where they take popular Thai herbs, spices and sauces such as lemongrass, ginger, galangal, turmeric, coriander and infuse them into a range of delicious dishes to create mouth-watering concoctions guaranteed to delight your tastebuds!Open 7 days – 5pm until late

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