You will feel pretty good inside after polishing off a box of chocolates during an all-night movie marathon. Unfortunately, your face will not reflect this feeling. If your visage isn't as vivacious as it should be, opt for some polishing of the positive variety with today's Deal!For the low, low price of just $39, you will receive not one, not two but three individual microdermabrasion treatments from Body & Beauty Retreat! Your face will appear fresher, more rejuvenated and more youthful after each treatment. Microdermabrasion uses a fine buffing technique to remove the surface layer of the skin, revealing the fresher, softer and healthier skin beneath.Microdermabrasion is ideal for the removal of acne, blackheads and rough skin, and can effectively manage other skin conditions. Beauty & Body Retreat is located just 10 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, and each visit runs for no longer than 30 minutes, so you can enjoy your treatment over your lunch break!Body & Beauty Retreat have been providing deserving clients with every type of beauty and spa service imaginable for over fifteen years. Boasting a signature menu of indulgence, Body & Beauty Retreat have recently been recognised with the 2010 National Day Spa Award.Located in Clayfield, Brisbane, Body & Beauty Retreat offer an extensive range of personalised pamper and medi-spa services. Whether you are rewarding a client, staff, spouse or just pampering yourself, their therapists will have you gliding out on a euphoric cloud.* Images are for illustration purposes only.

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