You've spent the last three months eating only a handful of lettuce leaves and one celery stick, and yet you still can't get those stubborn wobbly bits to disappear. Don't despair! Body D'vine will help solve your weight loss woes, no bland diets necessary.Tone up and slim down the easy way with ten sessions in the innovative Shapemaster Bed for just $29. Alternatively, opt for ten sessions with the Vibrosaun system for just $39 and watch unwanted body fat disappear before your eyes! Read on to find out more.The Shapemaster BedThis innovative weight loss machine features six power toning tables and provides a full body work out in only 30 minutes, with no perspiration or muscle fatigue! It incorporates the Pilates method which concentrates on strengthening the deep postural muscles and re-addressing muscle imbalance.By doing so, it increases flexibility and strength whilst improving posture and reducing stress. It will help exercise and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body, while the soothing motion promotes relaxation. Because it does not rely exclusively on muscle power and is controlled by an electronic power system, users can work passively or actively, depending on their ability.Vibrosaun This therapeutic dry sauna consists of a padded vibrating bed with dry heat that circulates throughout the unit cover and under the bed. The vibration relaxes the muscles and simulates movement. As the dry heat is introduced the body temperature increases, dilating the blood vessels and increasing circulation, intake of oxygen and heart rate. As circulation is increased, the body receives signals from the brain and releases stored up energy exactly the same as it does when circulation is increased through physical exercise.Vibrosaun can assist in:- Relieving muscular aches and pains- Increasing circulation- Weight control- Relieving tension and stress- Eliminating body wastes- Stimulating kidney functions. Many people find conventional gyms intimidating. If you are not happy with your figure, a conventional gym full of toned bodies is the last place you want to be. The atmosphere of Body D'Vine is friendly, relaxed and inviting. Purchase today's Deal and achieve your dream body to pain-free way!Opening hoursMonday to Friday: 9am – 12pm and 3pm – 7pm

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