An ability to speak the language of whales might have scored Dory and Marlin a close up encounter with a whale plus free blowhole transport to Sydney Harbour, but this tactic rarely works outside of Pixar animated films. Luckily, in real life all you need to do is purchase today's Deal to get up close and personal with gentle giants!For $33 you will experience an unforgettable two hour whale watching tour on board one of Perth's premier whale watching adventures. The vessel features large viewing platforms on the bow and stern to ensure you enjoy front row seats for a close and personal encounter with these gentle giants. The vessel is also equipped with a state of the art audio visual system so you can hear expert commentary from the crew.Each year around April, the humpbacks leave rich feeding grounds in Antarctica to calf and raise their young in warmer waters off the Kimberley. This lane of the highway is far off-shore from Perth. The return trip in September through November brings the whales and their newborn calves much closer to the coast. It’s the perfect time to seek an encounter!Oceanic Cruises pride themselves on being able to offer the highest possible standard of service to their clients. Their friendly, professional and highly trained staff are there to assist you throughout your trip. The migration along what is known as "The Humpback Highway" is the largest in the world with approximately 35,000 individual whales.Tours depart 10.15am and return 12.30pm. Tours run:Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 15 September to 28 September 2012.Daily between 29 September to 14 October.Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 15 October to 25 November.

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