Before Tom Cruise wilfully destroyed Oprah's couch, before Val Kilmer developed an insatiable love for double-bacon cheeseburgers, and before Anthony Edwards reprised the role of Gilbert in Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, these actors were some seriously cool guys, all thanks to one movie – Top Gun.See why the ability to fly is so damn cool with today's Deal from Amber Aviation Academy. Jump into the cockpit for a thrilling flight simulator experience. Choose how long you would like to fly:$69 for a half hour flight simulator session (value $142)$99 for a full hour flight simulator session (value $285)Amber Aviation provides everyday thrill-seekers and pilot aspirants alike with an exhilarating and realistic flying experience, all without leaving the ground. Under the guidance of a pro pilot, take control of a virtual Cessna 172 or Twin-Engine Piper Seminole.This realistic, full-motion simulator is used to train pilots and offers flight enthusiasts a truly authentic experience. Feel what it's like to take off and land, cruise through the clouds and zoom around mountains! All levels of experience are welcome.After your exhilarating simulator experience, you're bound to want more! To help you on your way, Amber Aviation will give you a $100 voucher towards any flight training package. Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind experience or spoil someone special. Works great as a very last minute Father's Day gift!Amber Aviation aims to offer efficient and professional flight training to all. They provide a safe, effective, efficient and fun learning environment for all students whilst conforming to tried and tested practices and to all Civil Aviation Regulations and Orders. They provide comprehensive flight training covering recreational to professional requirements, and have a dedicated and passionate team of flight instructors and staff.* Some images are for illustration purposes only

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