There's no need to slog it out for hours at the gym to achieve a sculpted bod. Thanks to today's great deal from Ultrasculpt Body Clinic, you can kiss your love handles goodbye without the need for terrible treadmills or evil exercise bikes!For $79, target your problem areas the non-surgical way. Begin with a 60 minute consultation with an experienced and qualified fat loss specialist (value $95). Your specialist will take a full case of your medical and diet history, and provide you with written recommendations, plus a comprehensive wellness booklet. A zinc test will be taken to determine your immune system and weight management needs.Continue with a Bioimpedance test to determine your exact fat mass, muscle mass, body composition, toxicity levels, cellular health, energy levels, inflammation and more (value $50). You will receive a detailed report of finding from the test.Target those stubborn areas with a 60 minute ultrasound fat cavitation treatment (value $149). This non-invasive, non-surgical treatment requires no medication and no down time. You will achieve almost instantly visible results with no scarring. Ultrasound fat cavitation reduces fat deposits and cellulite that are hard to shift through simple diet and exercise.Take home a $25 voucher for a 30 minute consultation with your specialist. During this consultation you will receive a follow up Bioimpedance testing to show your progress.Ultrasculpt Body Clinic is one of Australia’s leading naturopathic and fat loss clinics. They offer cutting edge breakthrough technology to treat stubborn fat deposits combined with the latest in rapid weight loss to give you that svelte figure you have always wanted. The team is made up of registered, professionally or university-trained health care practitioners specialising in all areas of health. Ultrasculpt body clinic use the UBC SlimQuick Program which includes proprietary blended weight loss products that will reduce your appetite dramatically while burning your unwanted abnormal fat, releasing stored nutrition that will allow you to go about your normal routine, without feeling hungry or lacking in energy. Opening HoursTuesday to Friday: 11am to 6:30pmSaturday: 10am to 3pm*Images are for illustration purposes only.** Medical restrictions apply.

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