Spring cleaning time has come around again! But this year, instead of rumagging around in the back of your cupboards, sorting through your spare room and deciding you couldn't possibly thow out any of the precious junk in the garage – why not dedicate all that time and energy to your own health? Treat your body as a temple and give yourself a thorough spring clean with today's Deal! For just $39 receive a complete health consultation (value $200) to get to the bottom of any niggling health issues. Your consultation consists of a holistic full body scan using the ES Teck Scan System. This system revolves around a combination of non-invasive bio-sensors which measure cell activity related to organ function. The information gathered is provided in 3D colour, allowing the staff at Living Edge Health to interpret your current health conditions and health history. In light of individual results, a naturopathic assessment is conducted and from here a treatment program can be immediately formulated so you'll be in prime position to have your health-stars aligning! Forget quick-fix health solutions – today's Deal will find the root of the problem and devise the perfect treatment plan for you! Purchase a scan for yourself and more for friends, family and loved ones. Living Edge Health owner Gary is an experienced practitioner with clinics in the south and north side of Brisbane. He offers a holistic biochemical and nutritional approach to healing which recognises the ability of the body itself to overcome disease. Treatments are aimed to support and aid the body to heal itself with the use of herbal and nutritional medicine, lifestyle support and the use of cutting edge technology and testing procedures. He aims to restore vitality through supporting and stimulating the body's own immune system, treat the underlying cause within the body to achieve optimal health.Often this has been compromised by lifestyle, dietary or genetic predispositions. This can be achieved very successfully with modern clinically based natural medicine, which is safe and constantly backed by updated research and clinical trials. With our fast paced stressful lifestyle, nutrition also plays a key role, with many of us consuming highly refined foods, which supply us with very little of the essential nutrients our bodies need to maintain good health.Gary's Qualifications:Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine Advanced Diploma of NutritionAdvanced Diploma of NaturopathyCertificate IV in Applied Science - HomoeopathyGary is a Member of:Australian Natural Therapies AssociationAustralian Association of Homotoxicology* Images are for illustration purposes only

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