Simply enter in your correct mailing address and contact details on the OurDeal Payment Page and your compression socks will be delivered straight to your door.If you are purchasing today's Deal as a gift for more than one recipient, you will need to purchase across multiple transactions so that individual postal addresses can be captured.According to legend, the marathon race was invented by an ancient Greek messenger delivering news of the battle of Marathon. But that wasn't his only creation. After drinking several jugs of water, nursing a sore Achilles tendon and vowing, "Never again!" several times, this worn-out Athenian fashioned the first compression sock!Run, don't walk, and get your hands on this fantastic fitness Deal! $39 is all you need to improve athletic performance and protect your feet with two pairs of So Fit compression socks (value $165). Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, these high quality socks provide superior ventilation and relief against pressure and friction, featuring a built-in heel as well as Achilles tendon, ankle, calf and toe protectors.Best of all, this great product will be delivered to your door (value $13) at no additional charge! These socks come in stylish, universal black and are suitable for both men and women. They come in sizes S through to XL. Simply find your shoe size on the handy sizing chart below and step into a world of supreme comfort and support!Sizing Chart:Small: Australian Men's 2 - 4; European 34 - 36Medium: Australian Men's 5 - 9; European 37 - 39Large: Australian Men's 8 - 11; European 40 - 43Extra Large: Australian Men's 12 - 16; European 44 - 47For more information on the features of these compression socks, click here.About Pangea Global SourcingOriginating as a custom manufacturer for promotional products, homeware and furniture, Pangea Global Sourcing has since developed into a direct supplier for a diverse range of products around the world. A reputation for speed, quality, customisation capability and price has led Pangea Global Sourcing to a strong position in accordance with their philosophy to be the best at what they do.

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