Simply enter in your correct mailing address and contact details on the OurDeal Payment Page and your NanoSmart Laundry Ball will be delivered straight to your door.If you are purchasing today's Deal as a Gift for more than one recipient, you will need to purchase across multiple transactions so that individual postal addresses can be captured.In these tough economic times, it's tempting to simply cut back on activities such as 'washing' and 'bathing' to save money. If you do this, however, you might find that your friends will suddenly start making excuses not to hang out with you. Drop these drastic measures and purchase today's Deal instead!Pay just $34 and start jumping for joy as you save time, money and the environment with a fantastic NanoSmart Laundry Ball (value $98). This amazing innovation is the ultimate replacement for detergents and fabric softeners. Simply throw it in with your regular load of washing and marvel as your clothes emerge brilliantly clean without fading. Your blacks will stay black and colours will remain bright and vibrant!To make things even simpler, your Laundry Ball will be delivered to your door anywhere in Australia at no extra cost! Just one of these balls lasts for up to 1,200 washes with no refill necessary! That's a wash every day for over three years!This product is suitable for both front loading and top loading washing machines. It is safe for use by people with sensitive skin or allergies. With no detergent involved in the process you reduce your use of harsh chemicals and environmentally damaging products - you can even choose a shortened rinse cycle to save water!The NanoSmart Laundry Ball is the culmination of a lifetime of research into nanotechnology and bio-ceramics by Dr Jeon Hyoung. Pop one of these amazing Laundry Balls into your washing machine today and ditch costly detergents for good!* Some images are for illustration purposes only

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