Just found a great site for comparing credit cards, home loans, savings accounts, personal loans & more, I found it because the guys over at Mozo just started following the Saver Scene twitter feed: https://twitter.com/SavingAustralia I hadn't heard of this website before, but they're really quite good! They've listed some of the best deals for credit cards, home loans, personal loans, savings accounts including term deposits and bank accounts. There's also good advice and product range for insurance, such as travel, life, car and income protection. Check out some of their sections:

Rate Your Bank - Mozo

Compare Credit cards
Credit cards | Compare Australia's Best Credit Cards Online | Mozo
Low interest rate credit cards - Low Rate Credit Cards | Compare 0% + Low Interest Cards | Mozo
Balance transfer credit cards - Balance Transfer Credit Cards | Compare 0% Balance Transfers | Mozo
No -or - Low fee credit cards - No Fee Credit Cards | Compare No Annual Fee Credit Cards | Mozo

Home Loans
Home loans | Compare Home Loans + Interest Rates | Mozo

Personal Loans
Personal loans | Compare Personal Loan Rates Online | Mozo

Savings Accounts
Savings Accounts | Compare High Interest Saving Accounts | Mozo
Term Deposits - Term Deposits | Compare Term Deposit Rates Online | Mozo

Bank Accounts
Bank Accounts | Compare the Best Bank Accounts in Australia | Mozo

I don't know how I hadn't heard about these guys before, either their marketing department and SEO is terrible or I've missed something!!!

Hope the links help you save some money and get great interest rates!