Wealthy dad Ben Hatch is stingy and proud, could offer a few tips:

Wealthy dad Ben Hatch is stingy and proud | News.com.au

His tricks include swiping pens, hot chocolate sachets and soaps from hotel rooms, stocking up from the breakfast buffet, and smuggling food into theme parks strapped to his children."Our children, Phoebe, eight, and Charlie, six, had stood unquestioningly in the car park outside as I'd strapped baguette halves to their legs under their shorts", he wrote about a family trip to Paris Disneyland in an extract from the book published on The Daily Mail.

"They'd loosened their trainers for me to secrete wrapped slices of ham and cheese inside, and handed over their baseball caps to be filled with apples and yoghurts I'd swiped from the hotel breakfast buffet."


not sure I'd want yogurt in my hat and don't think you could get many apples in there?

Pretty much every piece of writing equipment in my house is from hotels, pens, pencils pads etc.