Thanks to the peoople over at Mum's Take 5 for some great Money Saving tips for School holidays:

Having school holidays at home is just as much fun as going out. Sometimes you need a few days at home just chillaxing. Here is some great ideas we do when we are spending some time at home.

  • Picnics at home. Can be as elaborate or basic as you like. A Vegemite sandwich on the grass can be fun.
  • Make your own dinner. Pizzas, Tacos or Hot Dogs with everything are always on our list to do
  • Create lots of beautiful pictures or art, stick them up on the walls and have an art gallery. Maybe Nan or a neighbour would like to come over and see the masterpieces.
  • Write a letter, post card or draw a picture and post it to friends or family. If you can ask them to sms them a photo of the mail when it has reached them.
  • Make and Fly kites or boats.
  • Make an obstacle course outside or inside if you have the space. Crawling, jumping, rolling, hopping etc.
  • Go for a big walk around the neighbourhood and see what interesting things you can find.

There's many more helpful tips. Read them all on here: School Holidays at Home

My Dad always had bits of old wood and numerous tools lying around, he'd teach us how to use them and then using a core drill / hole saw (there'll be cheaper ones out there but this sort of thing Sutton 8 Piece S9 Viper Electrician Holesaw Set I/N 6370406 | Bunnings Warehouse ) he'd help us make wheels for putting on the cars, as boys it was pretty much what we'd always end up making, then we'd be able to paint them with home made paint: 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 cup water and food colouring. Hope that helps.