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Going green – Environmentally smart reno options
Going green is not just the trendy thing to do anymore, it’s the smart thing. Australian Property Investor reveals how a sustainable renovation can add value to a property and save a tenant money.

Once ‘turning green’ was just aligned to do-gooders and tree huggers, but now it’s also about adding value for the investor and saving money for the tenant.
The issue is no longer about convincing homeowners to ‘greenovate’ their properties, but about telling them how to make it happen and what the cost is, explains Archicentre Queensland state manager Ron Tanton.

In a recent poll, Archicentre put the big question forward to architects about what the next major renovating trend was. The result was an astounding reply from 71 per cent of architects with the ‘s’ word – sustainability.

Is a sustainable renovation cost-effective and value adding?

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Going green - Environmentally smart reno options