Hi all just wondering if anyone can give me good prices for 2 or 3GB data for a Samsung Galaxy SIII at the moment I've seen Vodafone offering it for $80 - 2GB - unlimited texts, calls and $100 - 3GB - unlimited texts, calls.

Samsung GALAXY S III 16GB - Mobile Phone & Plans - Vodafone Australia

The 2GB is 3GB for the first 12 months of a 24month contract, I'd like a 12 month contract if possible as my phones always break within the first 12 months.

The $100 is pricy, but gets good amounts:
Samsung GALAXY S III 16GB - $100 Plan

$100 per month gives you $100 each month to spend on Plan Inclusions and:
INFINITE standard national voice calls within Australia
3GB of mobile internet data
INFINITE Standard TXT sent to personal mobile numbers
INFINITE Voicemail + calls to 13 / 1800 numbers
Remember, your monthly spend may exceed your Plan amount.